Blakehill Rogáire               SOLD

gelding,  born 2012 with Cian Geoghegan, Co Mayo, Irland ,  grey, 140 cm.

Young Walt Castlestrange Fionn Abbeyleix Fionn
Castlestrange Sparrow
Dangan Suzy Cloonisle Cashel
Ballybawn Rosie Townley
Lofty Roisin Coosheen Finbarr Glencarrig Prince
Scarteen Mistral
Rolo Skryne Bright Cloud



Lofty Rohannah


  Ägs av /  Belongs to Olof Gustafson

Lofty Rohannah

Filly, born 2014, grey (bay) .  She is owned by our son Olof.   Reserv Junior Champion at the Breed Show 2015, gold medal.

2020 ”Hanna” is lent to Elemina Andersson to be ridden.

2021 Rohannah died July 2021,”peritonitis”. At a clinic for 10 days but nothing to do. A great loss for alll of us.

Idefix du Villon RC 115
Quignon du Parc(FRA)
Funny of Ravary(FRA)
Boogie Woogie IRE 4547
Hilda des Ludes(FRA)
Urrachree Breeze IRE 436
Urrachree Supreme IRE 4940
Lofty Rowalane Rose RC 1179
Ashfield Cathal Crobdhearg
Ormond Oliver
Ashfield Lor Sparrow
Skryne Bright Cloud

Rohannah juli 2016 NG

Rohannah o Emelina LC juni 2020 foto jonsving

Lofty Most Wanted                           Sold June 2017

Moss 2

Gelding born May 31, 2014. grey.   Good movements with a plus for the gallopp.

” Moss” 3 years old loves loosejumping!

Lofty Most Wanted 33-14-7144 Sprottorp, Slöinge 2017-04-18 (c) Foto: Yvonne Karlsson (Fotografens namn ska anges vid publicering)

photo Yvonne Karlsson

Coosheen Finbarr RC 99
Glencarrig Prince IRE
Cloonisle Cashel
Glencarrig Aedin
Scarteen Mistral IRE
Ashfield Bobby Sparrow
Tulira Sea Breeze
Glenayre Mystique RC-IRE 11304
Grange Bobbing Sparrow IRE
Carna Bobby
Dun Sparrow
Glenayre Mystical Lady IRE
Callowfeenish Mairtin
Cranacrower Goblin




Lofty Roadtrip

Roadtrip 2 feb 18

Road Trip is born in Ireland late June 2016. Came here as a yearling autumn 2017.  His dame L Romilly was later sold to Blakehill Stud.  He is around 150 cm ( 2019).

2021 An injury stopped him from being sold but today he is well and we hope to keep him as a family riding pony (! 155cm). Roadtrip is easy to educate and he is very positive and brave. A good company for the young ponies!


Dungimmon Knight Bloomfield Bobby Carna Bobby
Glentrasna Brown
Robeen Lass Tulira Corncrake
Darling Dolly Grey
Lofty Romilly Poetic Justice Ballydonagh Cassanova
Gloves Misty
Rolo Skryne Bright Cloud
Lofty Road Trip 33-16-8168 Mjöshult, Ullared 2020-01-19 (c) Foto: Yvonne Karlsson

Lofty Road Trip 33-16-8168
Mjöshult, Ullared 2020-01-19
(c) Foto: Yvonne Karlsson

Lofty Robroy                               SOLD  oct -20

Foto S.L

Foto S.Leijonhufvud  okt. 2018

Born 2017, dun, gelding (2018). His dame was in foal arriving here 2016.

A pony full of Life which is well though he cut his stretchtendon as a foal, kicked into a wire fence. We were lucky being there and at the clinic they succeeded to sew it and he is alright. You can see the bump left hindleg. Never lame after the operation!!

Full and proud of himself- charming

143 cm (2020).  146 cm (2022)

Clegganbay Tower IRE Carnaby Mirah IRE 1149 Westside Mirah IRE 892
Grange Sandy IRE 9969
Redbridge Lady IRE Tulira Finn Mac Cool IRE 715
Camas Rose IRE 7843
Blakehill Rolo RC-IRE Cnocbán Cassanova IRE I Love You Melody (FRA) IRE
Beatrice IRE 8599
Lofty Roisin IRE Coosheen Finbarr RC 99
Rolo RC 637
Lofty Robroy 33-17-8188 Löshoppning, Mjöshult, Ullared 2020-01-19 Foto: Yvonne Karlsson

Lofty Robroy 33-17-8188
Löshoppning, Mjöshult, Ullared
Foto: Yvonne Karlsson

Lofty Delight

Delight Juli

Born 2019 , grey ( chesnut) filly.

Little Finnigan de la Praz Leam Finnigan Leam Bobby Finn
Cloonisle Judy
Little Witch Paddy of Caherlistrane
Van de ArenboschGwendolyn
Lofty Deirdre Dexter Leam Pondi Leam Finnigan
White Granite
Beezies Bounty Carrintubber Lad
Woodlands Lady


A promising pedigree concerning jumping. The sire is/ was (retired) a very highly merited showjumper with  two nordic championships. Delight is and will be a class 3 filly/ mare as her sire is not in the connemarapony studbook. His dame died before she was inspected ,  HWSD; N/HWSD.

Photo below shows Delight in December 2021, two years old.

Delight 2 jan 22

Below:   Little Finnigan de la Praze photo Private

L Finnigan

 Zander’s Ravello 

                                                                                                                                                       619Colt, born 2020, grey ( born bay).  Bought as a foal from Annika and Stefan Zander, Zander stud. No foal of our own 2020, meant no company to our daughter- in- law´s coltfoal SWB. A wellgrown sound pony with a great temperament.                                      Gelded dec. 2021.

Coosheen Finbarr Glencarrig Prince Cloonisle Cashel
Glencarrig Aedin
Scarteen Mistral Ashfield Bobby Sparrow
Tulira Sea Breeze
Zander’s Aruba Bunowen Paddy Silver Shadow
Irishtown Beauty
Glaskopf  GreyJoanna Frederiksminde Hazy Marvel
Glaskopf  GreyJoan



Ravello maj 21

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