Resident stallions

Coosheen Finbarr RC 99

photo: Yvonne Karlsson

Born 2001 with Elisabeth Petch, Killbritain, Co Cork, Ireland. Came here as a yearling. Grey ( born bay)  147 cm

Glencarrig Prince IRE 1073
Cloonisle Cashel 980
Abbeyleix Owen 496
Cloonisle Lady 7710
Glencarrig Aedin 9008
Coosheen Finn 381
Grey Belinda 5983
Scarteen Mistral IRE 8535
Ashfield Bobby Sparrow 444
Carna Bobby 79
Wise Sparrow 2270
Tulira Sea Breeze 7651
Tulira Mairtin 214
Smokey Seagull 5474

Finbarr  was Supreme Champion at the Breed Show 2010 first and only time shown. His progeny are known for a good confirmation. They are succesful in the showring but also in the ridden disciplines. In 2009 Finbarr was leased to France and Elevage de l´Aulne. Finbarr has ( 2015) sons that are approved stallions in Ireland, Finland, France, England and in Sweden.

His daughter L. Rose of Tralee jumps 120 classes and another daughter Annestorp Bag Lady won the young pony championship, jumping 2015.

Finbarr is very comfortable to ride and to educate which he seems to have passed on to his progeny.

Finbarr is tested N/N for the HWSD gene

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foto Yvonne Karlsson

                                                                                                                                   photo Carina Jansson, nov 2023

Clifden de l ´Aulne RC-FRA 90649998

Leased from elevage de l ´Aulne 2009

Born 1990 with JF and Chrisitne Marès, elevage de l `Aulne, France. Grey, born dun, 138 cm. In France has Clifden as well as his progeny showed an extremely good jumping ability . Clifden has progeny jumping in the highest classes as well in France as abroad. His swedish foals were born 2010 and we have great expectations.

Gold Fort IRE 551
Marble IRE 256
Rebel Wind IRE 127
Callowfeenish Dolly II IRE 1913
Fort Silver IRE 2829
Clonkeehan Auratum IRE 104
Silver Strand IRE 1879
Payse de l’Aulne
Glenree Bobby IRE 480
Carna Bobby IRE 79
Inish Biggle IRE 3564
Ocean Moon IRE 2918
Inver Rebel IRE 127
Young Willow IRE 2349

Lofty Roderic RC 74            gelded 2007

1990- 2020

Born 1990 at Lofty Stud. Roan (bay) , 146 cm. Roderic was gelded 2007 because of a testicel tumeur. He is now a schoolmaster for my niece who owns him and her friends. Roderic took part in competitions , showjumping ( 110-115cm) and eventing. Everything with good results. He passed on his great jumping ability to many of his offsprings.

Roderic had to be put down in April 2020 . He then showed his high age. We will remember him as the kindest pony we ever had and a pony who always did his very best.

Ashfield Sparrow IRE 583 Carna Bobby IRE 79 Gil IRE 43
Carna Dolly IRE 442
Wise Sparrow IRE 2270 Dun Lorenzo IRE 55
Lor Sparrow IRE 1264
Rolo RC 637/IRE 8079 Skryne Bright Cloud IRE 622 Clonkeehan Nimbus IRE 229
Aughris Bright IRE 2131
Roundabout IRE 7592 Abbeyleix Owen IRE 496
Roundmount IRE 3363

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