Valack / Gelding

Lofty Road Trip

Road Trip was born in Ireland late June 2016. Came here as a yearling autumn 2017.  His dame L Romilly was later sold to Blakehill Stud.  He is around 150 cm ( 2019). 155 cm (2023)

2021 An injury stopped him from being sold from us but today he is well and the plan is to keep him as a family riding pony (! 155cm). Roadtrip is easy to educate and he is very positive and brave. A good company for the young ponies!

Since recovering he is the most popular horse to ride for family and friends. So talented and easygoing. His injury , hoof joint and ligaments, stops him to reach his potential. Not lame but his rehab took two years, we won’t risk anything.

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photo Yvonne Karlsson

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