Rolo RC 637, IRE 8078      1982- 2015

Born 1982 with Thomas O´ Donnell, Errisbeg, Roundstone, Co Galway Irland. Elit premium. Grey (born bay, 137 cm). Imported from breeder 1989. RETIRED.

Rolo deceased the 28th of July 2015.

Skryne Bright Cloud IRE 622 Clonkeehan Nimbus 229 Camlin Cikada 119
Dark Winter 2020
Aughris Bright 2131 Dun Lorenzo 55
Bright and Early 1695
Roundabout IRE 7592 Abbeyleix Owen 496 Kimble 227 / RC 22
Queen of Diamonds 1934
Roundmount 3363 Carna Dun 89
Lormount 1460


-86 gelding.bay e. Ashfield Alex 711 Iris Fiobhia IRE G-1453 Grade A jumping, Irland Ryttare Simone Hession, Co Sligo 2:a i All Ireland Ridden Connemara pony Championship 1994
-90 stallion, roan by. Ashfield Sparrow 583 Lofty Roderic RC 74 stallion Lofty Roderic. Jumping 110-120 cm
-91 gelding, grey. by Tulira Highball RC 47 Lofty Rosmuc
-92 abortion
-93 gelding, bay by Janus RC 71 Lofty Rooligan
-94 gelding,grey by Hagens O´Chief RC 68 Lofty Rockmount
-95 mare. skml by Dale Haze RC 57 Lofty Rosemount RC 961 Supreme Champion Breed Show -00, Excellent performance test(10/10) Successfully doing showjumping (110 cm), dressage and eventing
-96 gelding,grey by Hazy Dawn CH 45 (Den.) Lofty Rockefeller Show winner gelding class . Competing medium level
-97 not covered
-98 mare., grey by Dale Haze RC 57 Lofty Roundelay RC 1092 broodmare
-99 gelding, grey by Poetic Justice RC 81 Lofty Romeo 155 cm
-00 mare, skml by Ashfield Cathal Crobdhearg RC-IRE 991 Lofty Rowallane Rose RC 1179 show winner 2001, 2002 och 2005, gold medals. medium level jumping and eventing. Broodmare
-01 stallion, dun by Ashfield Cathal Crobdhearg RC-IRE 991 Lofty Ross the Boss
02 mare, dun by Poetic Justice RC 81 Lofty Romilly, RC 1257 Show winner, gold medal  Reserv juniorchampion. broodmare
-03 mare, bay by Ashfield Cathal Crobdhearg RC-IRE 991 Lofty Roseanne Show winner, gold medal. dressage FEI level
-06 mare, grey by Coosheen Finbarr RC 99 Lofty Roisin Show winner 2008 Exp. Ireland. Class 1

Beezies Bounty RC-IRE 11056    1994- 2018

Born 1994 with Julia Hession, Ballymote, Co. Sligo, Ireland grey, born brown. 146 cm. Imported 1998. Supreme Champion at the Breed Show 2003. Awarded Elite status.

Estimated HWSD status: N/HWSD

Carrentubber Lad IRE 908 Cuchulainn 789 Abbeyleix Owen 496
Sparrow Hill 3661
Robeen Lass 8240 Tulira Corncrake 743
Darling Dolly Grey 6562
Woodlands Lady IRE 9413 Ganty Champ 722 Doon Paddy 95
Ganty Mint 3979
Moorpark Daisy 8125 Westside Hector 761
Barna Rover 7123

Foaling list

-99 mare by Moy Hazy Cove IRE 888 Lofty Sparkling Julia RC Showwinner in hand. Prizewinner Swed.Championship driving  2nd 2006, 3rd 2007.
-01 mare e. Lofty Roderic RC 74 Lofty Ciara Showwinner in hand.Juniorchampion Breed show-02 Export denmark. Class 1.Supreme Champion DK 2011
-02 mare, grey by Lofty Roderic RC 74 Lofty Eimear  152 cm
-03 mare, greyl by Lofty Roderic RC 74 Lofty Caitriona Foalwinner Breedshow.Class 1. Final  Young pony Championships dressage. Export Finland
-04 gelding,grey by Lofty Roderic RC 74 Lofty Tiger Woods Awarded prizes as promising young pony in dressage and jumping 2007. 154 cm
-05 mare, grey by Lofty Roderic RC 74 Lofty Abigail Awarded prizes as very promising jumping pony and dressage pony 2008.Broodmare
-06 gelding, grey byCoosheen Finbarr RC 99 Lofty Finnegan Awarded prize as promising jumping pony 2009.
-07 Stallion,grey by Dexter Leam Pondi Lofty Malachy Exp. Denmark. Class 2. 150 cm. gelded 2012
-08 mare ( bay) by Dexter Leam Pondi Lofty   Deirdre Reserv champion Breed show 2012 ,2013 goldmedal
-10 filly, grey ( dun) by Clifden de l`Aulnee Lofty Hopsy Daisy  Awarded prizes as very promising jumping pony and dressage pony 2013


gelding, grey ( bay)
filly, grey (black)

colt, grey

byCoosheen Finbarr 99
by Idefix du Villon

by Ashfield Cathal Crobdhearg

Lofty Cloonacool
Lofty  Sally Spring

Lofthall Charlie

2013, 2014 not covered.

Lofty Deirdre 2008

Lofty Rowallane Rose RC 1179  (retired)

Born 2000 at Lofty stud. Grey ( bay), 146 cm. Showwinner.  Competed in showjumping and eventing with good results. 2012 back at the stud.                                                              Sadly, not easy to breed from. Two more foals, 2014 and 2015. Now retired as a broodmare.

HWSD status: NN

Ashfield Cathal Crobdhearg IRE 991 Ormond Oliver IRE 653 Mac Dara IRE 91
Ashfield Judy IRE 5505
Ashfield Lor Sparrow IRE 6254 Carna Bobby IRE 79
Wise Sparrow IRE 2270
Rolo RC 637/IRE 8079 Skryne Bright Cloud IRE 622 Clonkeehan Nimbus IRE 229
Aughris Bright IRE 2131
Roundabout IRE 7592 Abbeyleix Owen IRE 496
Roundmount IRE 3363
Foaling list
-04 filly.grey by Grange Flynn Sparrow RC 958 Lofty Roberta



-2014   Lofty Rohannah




byCoosheen Finbarr RC 99




Lofty Rose of Tralee


Final in the Young pony Championship 2011, jumping.  .Film på Youtube.Jumping 120






                             2015 in foal to Bingo Bell.

Lofty Romilly RC 1257                 Sold 

Born 2002 at Lofty stud. Dun, 148 cm. Twice class winner at the Breedshow. A car accident as a three year old stop her from being ridden. Leased to Frederiksminde stud 2007-2009 and to Agharanny stud, Ireland 2012- 2016 . 2016 Romilly was sold to Blakehill Stud.

Poetic Justice RC 81/IRE 909 Ballydonagh Cassanova IRE 370 Checkpoint Charlie IRE 167
Atlantic Mist IRE 2175
Gloves Misty IRE 6535 Carna Bobby IRE 79
Grey Hope 2nd IRE 3689
Rolo RC 637/IRE 8079 Skryne Bright Cloud IRE 622 Clonkeehan Nimbus IRE 229
Aughris Bright IRE 2131
Roundabout IRE 7592 Abbeyleix Owen IRE 496
Roundmount IRE 3363


-06 mare by Coosheen Finbarr RC 99 Lofty Rowena Class 1. After foaling she is now in the showjumping  Filmad på Youtube.
-08 filly,grey by Hazy Dawn DEN 45 Frederiksminde Romance
09 colt,grey by Hazy Dawn DEN 45 Frederiksminde Hazy Romeo export Irland
10 gelding,grey by Hazy Dawn DEN 45 Lofty Royal Justice


colt,grey(bay) by Coosheen Finbarr RC 99 Agharanny Romeo  Ireland

 13                  colt,grey (dun)           by Coosheen F             Agharanny Finbarr


14                   filly, bay                         by Puissance (ISH)        Agharanny  ……….


15                  filly, dun                        by Boherdeal (ISH)         Agharanny …………..


16                   colt, bay                       by DungimmonKnight         Lofty Road Trip



Frederiksminde Hazy Romeo. Foto: Gunner Andersen.

Frederiksminde Hazy Romeo            Foto Gunner Andersen

Romily o föl 1 (005) Ingrid

Romilly at Blakehill with newborn coltfoal- Roadtrip. photo Ingrid Hallengård

Glenayre Mystique RC- IRE 11 304       Retired.

Born 1996 with Phyllida Collier, Newcastle, Co Wicklow, Ireland. Dun, 147 cm. Sold to Elektor´s stud as a two years old. Came to our stud 2012.  Class 1. A lovely, forwardgoing pony to ride. Tested NN for the HWSD gene.

Believe it or not but this forwardgoing pony has developed into a super childspony and is adored by our grandchildren!


Grange Bobbing Sparrow  IRE 623 Carna Bobby IRE 79 Gil IRE 43
Carna Dolly IRE 442
Dun Sparrow IRE 3025 Carna Dun RC 89
Wise Sparrow IRE 2270
Glenayre Mystical Lady IRE 8961 Callowfeenish Mairtin IRE 846 Abbeyleix Owen IRE  496
Wireless  Wave  IRE 3641
Cranacrower  Goblin Girl IRE 4036 Checkpoint Charlie IRE 167
Connie of Carnew IRE 2402



–00 gelding,bay by Lofty Roderic RC 74 Elektors Twist Showjumping at highest level
-05 mare,grey by Coosheen Finbarr RC 99 Elektors Glen Mist Showjumping 100 cm (2011)
-06 mare, BEC by Idholmens Matador RC 78 Elektors Athena
-08 gelding,grey by Cardento (SWB) MaximillanSparrow Showjumping

14             colt, grey(bay)                      by Coosheen  Finbarr    Lofty Most Wanted


15             filly, grey(bay)                      by Coosheen Finbarr      Lofty Philomena


Lofty Deirdre  RC 1449

Born at Lofty stud 2008. grey (born bay) , 146 cm. Reserv Champion Breed Show 2012.  She will stay at the stud and take over from her dame.  She was very promising and loved to jump.  A injury in the field has forced us to change the plans for Deirdre and she will start her breeding career.   HWSD: NN
Link to film on Youtube , 4 years old.

Foaling list

-13             filly, grey ( bay)       by Idefix du Villon       Lofty Design        First prize Breed Sh.

-19             filly, grey (chesnut)  by Little Finnigan de la Praz        Lofty Delight

     Blakehill Rolo    IRE

Rolo 2016


Born 2013 at Blakehill Stud,with  Cian Geoghegan. Inspected Class 1, 145 cm.  Rolo arrived here in July 2016 and found her place among the young fillies at once. She arrived scanned in foal to Clegganbay Tower.  Not covered since though I want to ride her and give her the basic education before the next foal. She is lovely to ride, sensitive but willing to learn and a good mover.  A mare with a great temperament.

Cnocbàn Cassanova IRE
I Love You Melody
Idenóir FRA
Equinoxe Melody FRA
Beatrice IRE
Ballydonagh Cassanova IRE
Lady Grey IRE
Lofty Roisin  RC/IRE
Coosheen Finbarr RC 99
Glencarrig Prince IRE
Scarteen Mistral IRE
Rolo IRE 8078
Skryne Bright Cloud IRE
Roundabout IRE

2017              Gelding               dun                     Lofty Robroy                   By Clegganbay  Tower

Lofty Robroy 33-17-8188 Löshoppning, Mjöshult, Ullared 2020-01-19 Foto: Yvonne Karlsson

Lofty Robroy 33-17-8188